About Jason



The JCSC brand is about developing your fitness, strength and performance to reach your truest potential and build your confidence in all areas of sport and life. 11 years of training, competition and coaching experience has given me the ability to deliver great success to many clients, with a range of different goals and aspirations. I am heavily invested in the success of every individual I work with and strive for excellence on all levels. As such, it is my sole aim to ensure your enjoyment and satisfaction through successfully achieving your goals and ambitions.

I am a British Powerlifting coach with a First Class BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and NASM certificates in Personal Training and Sports Performance Enhancement. I have also been an avid sports competitor for 22 years. From county and academy football at 8 years old, county, academy, regional and invitational rugby for 13 years, to strongman and national and international powerlifting for the last 3 years. For me, a high level of practical experience coupled with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles behind effective training has the makings of a great coach. I believe this is exactly what I have to offer and is why I can guarantee you solid results and satisfaction.



I provide one to one coaching and training, individual programming, online coaching and workshops for clients and athletes of all abilities. Whilst I have worked with athletes who have competed and won medals nationally and internationally, these services are not just for elite athletes who are looking for medals and titles. They are also for individuals who are just beginning their competitive sporting journey, for individuals who want to be fit and strong for life, for business and office workers who have niggling back, shoulder and knee pain and for ex-sports players and competitors who want to get back into structured, meaningful training. Whatever category you fall into and whichever option you feel is right for you, in just a matter of weeks you can experience a dramatic shift in the quality of your training and the level of results.



Currently, I am very involved with British Powerlifting. I am a competitive powerlifter and have competed at numerous regional and national championships as well as the IPF World Classic Championships in Killeen, Texas, June 2016. A back injury in February 2017 has kept me away from competitive lifting for a year and counting. However, this has resulted in me focusing even more energy into furthering my education and developing my coaching skills. I have since been part of the Great Britain coaching team at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships in Belarus 2017 and at the EPF Western Euro Powerlifting Championships in Luxembourg 2017. This experience, along with proving my capabilities as an International coach has led me to the great honour, of being appointed as Great Britain Head Junior Classic Coach. As both an experienced coach and competitive athlete, I’ve worked with a range of very different personalities and experienced the numerous ups and downs of training. The highs of great results and PB’s as well as the lows of frustrating injuries and stagnated progress. These are are highly valuable experiences that enable me to relate and connect with to you as a client to devise the right individual approach for your success.