Jason's Approach

Training that works

I have over 11 years of training experience across numerous sporting disciplines. I’ve experienced first-hand training and competition of an elite standard at club, national and International level. I can safely say that technique and strength focused training works. Mastering the main compound lifts and incorporating these into each program on an individual basis leads to a solid foundation. This is the platform you need to move forward and achieve your goals, injury free.

Want to:


Get faster


Lift more


Build muscle


Jump higher


Look better


Throw further

Start with strength

Outside the strength sports such as Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman, strength is a general adaptation which carries over when you perform the desired target task. Everybody will benefit from tailored strength training.


The 2 most common problems

Bad form

Time and time again I see so many mistakes from athletes and lifters when in the gym. From terrible lifting form which will not only limit the amount of weight you can lift but will also sooner or later result in an injury. To the guys and girls who are afraid to increase the weight on the bar or even steer completely away from these lifts all together because they lack the knowledge and confidence.

Lack of progress / Plateaus

Performing movements with good technique is great, but there’s more to the puzzle of success. Specific principles need to be applied to training and adhered to in order to ensure continual progression. When you first start out, practically any lifting will make you stronger. However, there comes a time where regardless of the amount of effort put in, it takes a little more planning, structure and consistency to continue to move forward and push the boundaries.

The Solution

To make effective and consistent progress toward your training and performance goals, great technique must be coupled with a program that effectively integrates the principles of training on an individualised basis.

The principles

of an effective programme


  • Specificity
  • Planned progression & overload
  • Fatigue management
  • Stimulus, recovery, adaptation
  • Exercise selection / variation
  • Phase Potentiation
  • Planning for individual differences

Training with JCSC

Technique for strength training is king. Spending time working on the fundamental movement patterns, improving technique and focusing on the quality of lifting is often overlooked. By neglecting these, you’re limiting your potential, making progress difficult and risking your safety. A great training programme executed poorly, will still lead to poor results. If the exercises are performed to a low standard and the specific components not respected and adhered to, you cannot expect to make great progress.

Training with me, you will receive expert coaching and education to equip you with the physical and mental tools necessary to reach your full potential. I am fiercely dedicated to your success and am here to deliver results. My priority will be to coach you great lifting technique and ensure you have balance throughout the body to give you the solid foundations necessary for you to move forward.

The method and approach I use to achieve the above will not always be the same. Everyone is different and comes with different levels of skill, strength, experience, and knowledge. My programmes reflect the unique individual needs of each person I work with and are developed and advanced in accordance with your progress, performance and feedback.

It’s through this individualised, systematic approach, alongside my ability to coach, set realistic but challenging goals and keep you accountable, that I aim to ensure your success.


What you can expect working with me


A hands-on approach

I will work closely with you to assess your lifting technique during each session You will receive real time feedback and at times, video analysis of your lifts will be used for immediate and future reference. This will ensure you not only perform your lifts with great technique, but also understand why you’re lifting a certain way and what you need to do to get it right every single time.

Effective training methods and programs

Based on sound scientific research principles and my own successful experiences with clients, athletes and my own training. I will provide programs that are personalised, specific and safe to meet each individual need and goal.

Energy, enthusiasm and fun

The passion for what I do is clear to see. I am 100% invested in making a difference to your training and have genuine care and interest for everybody I work with. I will do my utmost to ensure your sessions are fun and engaging as well as delivering the results you desire.

An expert support network

I have a good level of knowledge on all areas of sport and fitness including weight loss, body transformation, fitness training, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle coaching. However, so I can offer an exceptional service rather than just a good one, I’m in contact with a network of experts, each specialising in their own area within sport and fitness. If necessary, I will seek their advice for use with you, or will recommend / refer you to the relative expert. I am only interested in the very best for everyone I work with.


Simply knowing what to do and how to do it is not always enough. Often, people are great at giving advice, but not so great taking it and putting it into practice. Even I have a coach and recognise just how valuable that is. I’m here to tell you not what you necessarily want to hear, but what is necessary to keep you focused and motivated when things get tough. I’ll notice if you skip sessions, I’ll find out if you aren’t eating or sleeping well and will see if you’re stressed or distracted. I’m here to keep you accountable and help provide solutions to these problems so that failure is not an option.

Respect for you as an individual

I don’t do one size fits all, cookie cutter programs and coaching styles. The training principles are will apply to everybody if progress is to occur. I will respect and utilise these to full effect. But I will also manipulate the variables, exercises and programs to suit each individual and get the best results. Not everyone will lift exactly the same way, nor respond well to the same training or the same coaching style. I will take the appropriate measures to ensure I coach the most suitable techniques and use the most effective training methods for you as an individual.

What I need from you

I am only looking for men and women who are committed to achieving their goals and will give 100%. You must WANT to make a serious difference to your performance and commit to your programme the best you can. You may be a beginner, have a few years training experience, or be an elite level lifter/athlete. Whatever the case, I will always make time to talk intensively with you to make sure you’re ready to start one of my programmes. I need your cooperation and for you to come to each session with a great attitude. If you are ready and willing, then I will personally support and push you through every step of your journey.

The big picture

I have a vision of the success I’ve had and the people I’ve helped, on a much larger scale. I love what I do, who I work with and am excited about what I have to offer. I aspire to impact as many lives as possible through Strength Training and Powerlifting. Building, contributing to and being part of a growing network of physically and mentally strong, driven and high performing men and women is my goal.

The scope to seek out and reach many more people who want to train better, realise their potential and reach new levels is what drives me. If you are one of these people, I’d love to hear from you and would be more than excited for you to join the team.

Be part of the journey and share the success!