Success Stories

Gary Cooper

I have always been keen on weight training but I wanted to start focusing on improving my strength, with an aim of making the move to powerlifting. I had a decent amount of weight training experience under my belt but I knew if I wanted to really improve I needed to get a coach with the knowledge and experience in the strength training and powerlifting field.

I didn’t really have any reservations about working with Jason. I knew of Jason from his time as a Personal Trainer in Soho Gyms Clapham and had followed his own move towards powerlifting, so I knew he would be able to relate to the goals I wanted to achieve.

Working with Jason has undoubtedly been the best move I have made training wise. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his field, meaning the programmes and training he delivers are very bespoke but easy to follow. I learn something new in every session I have with Jason and he is very good at pushing me past boundaries I otherwise would not challenge. Along with all of this, he is a very nice guy!

The biggest change I have had with Jason have been technique improvements in the squat, deadlift and bench press. Jason has really drilled in to me that a solid technique is key to progressing with these lifts as well as reducing the risk of injury when working at high intensities and with heavy weights. We started by stripping the weights right back and working through the basics of each lift, and only a few months later I am now working with heavier weights than I was before starting with Jason but with a vastly improved technique, which is extremely rewarding.


Before I started training with Jason I had never considered weight training or training for any type of specific goal.

My original reservation was that he might only want to train people who wanted to train like him or to a high athletic level.

Working with Jason has been very enjoyable, while being a huge challenge. My take away from our sessions is that I have to put the efforts in to get my desired results, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be fun!

Aside from the increased physical strength and training knowledge I have gained, the one best change I have experienced since working with him is the positive mentality and passion I have developed for training.

Jason has been my personal trainer/coach for a few years now. He has completely transformed my take on fitness while my commitment to learn and achieve more, as well as my focus and self-discipline grows. He has a contagious passion for what he does and is eager to impart his knowledge so that I know exactly what I am doing and why. Jason not only has a unique ability to positively connect with clients to achieve fantastic results, he is constantly creating and updating programmes, nutritional and fitness advice tailored to me so I am always getting exactly what is needed to get to my goal. He has supported and guided my wish to enter powerlifting competitions and his help and acumen has proved invaluable! Jason’s tenacity for what he does is why I hope to train with him for many more years!



Before I started working with Jason, I was very new to working out and had just started training on my own. I had reached the point in my personal life where I had to make a lifestyle change. I was following an online program and I lost quite a bit of weight and was getting stronger, but I had however reached a point where my lack of knowledge was becoming evident and I was stuck to the point where I would have probably given up.

I had never had personal training before and my reservations were based on the unknown, fear of judgement and fear that I would be wasting my time and money.

Working with Jason has been a pivotal point in my fitness journey, it was enlightening, empowering and a rewarding process/experience.  My time with him has set me up in a way that I am able train and improve for years to come. What comes across when working with Jason is the depth of his knowledge and experience and on top of this, he is very generous with the advice he gives. This went a long way in the trust I developed for his teaching, advice and techniques.

The best thing I have got from working with Jason are the results. Some super good physical results, my body shape has changed and is continuing to change, some serious fat loss is happening and revealing good stuff, 10kg left my body and it just keeps leaving me!!

When it comes to measurable strength, I have seriously improved on the 3 main lifts, doing them now with much improved form and there seems to be no sign of that slowing down.  My mobility was not too great before, now that has also improved dramatically which I am very happy about.

Working with Jason was a real pleasure, he is a solid guy, a very genuine and down to earth person who is super easy to talk to and get along with. You get the feeling he is genuinely rooting for you to achieve your goals and will do everything in his power to make that possible. My sessions with Jason have added more fuel to my drive and has changed my outlook on training, fitness and my health in the long term. I trust the Coultman process!!! It’s under pinned with some serious knowledge, experience and attention and working with Jason has been worth every penny.


On reflection, despite being very consistent in my training and being very motivated to find the time to train, before working with Jason my training certainly lacked structure and focus. I also lacked the knowledge to support my end goals and as a result, my sessions were very ineffective and I’d see little to no change after months of really hard work.

I didn’t have any reservations about working with Jason. I’d seen the effort he put in and the care he had when training his other clients and admired the commitment and professionalism he had with his own training and competing. I knew it would be a great decision and was exactly what I needed.

Working with Jason has been a great experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and has made a conscious effort to educate, as well as train and coach me. He always answers my questions in detail, explaining why we are doing certain exercises and programmes and gives me exercises which will further enhance my training when I’m on my own. I’ve been able to learn a great deal to take my training to the next level and have made considerable progress towards my end goals.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single best result or change as these things tend to be cumulative. Since working with Jason I have seen considerable gains in strength and my overall appearance. However, if I had to narrow it down, the biggest change is that I am now more focused, aware and educated on how I need to train and eat in order to keep progressing.